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dear friends of căntin,

while we're happy that outside dining is allowed to re-open, we still need a bit more time. we hope to give you the best experience here at căntin and hope you understand that we stay closed until the circumstances allow us to do so. 

on a happier note, we will ramp up our lunch take away. stay tuned for more infos soon!


your căntin team



(currently unavailable)

Pho Bo


Summer Bowl


Summer Bowl

Spring Rolls

Summer Bowl Planted.Chicken


currently not available




to share

goi | viet cabbage salad v 

with viet or vegan sauce

goi cuon | summer rolls 

with viet or  peanut sauce

vegan option available

cha gio | viet spring rolls v  

with viet or vegan sauce


canh ga | mama's chicken wings


dou hu ran | crispy tofu  v 

with fermented soybean dip

PHO | noodle soup

house broth, sprouts, fresh herbs

dac biet | beef special

bo tai | raw beef

bo | beef

ga | chicken

dou hu | tofu

add-ons: meatballs

SUMMER BOWL | rice noodle salad

with viet or vegan dressing

bo xao sa | lemongrass beef

ga chay | planted chicken v  

add-ons: spring roll v



pho is comfort in a bowl. every vietnamese child grew up having their family’s own version of this hearty noodle soup. the rich broth usually boils for several hours and the distinctive aromatics of charred onions, ginger, cinnamon and star anise linger in the air. it is then served with flat rice noodles, toppings (usually beef/chicken) and a load of fresh herbs. with căntin, we hope to bring this kind of vietnamese comfort to you.




in asia, food brings together whole villages. with căntin, we celebrate these countless family gatherings where everyone gets  together at one table to enjoy home cooked food. with our communal table we want căntin to be a place where our guests get together and eat like we do with our families. căntin is authentic, uncomplicated and sometimes a bit loud. a real vietnamese experience.



the whole thing started with a self-improvised food-bike in 2018. with her purple banh mi bike, anh was rolling up and down bern city, selling vietnamese banh mi sandwiches. what followed next was a chain of serendipitous events, a "being at the right place at the right time"-kind of story. we moved from the street into a pop up bar and finally were given the chance to open our very own pop up. but we did not want to stop there. our passion for hosting people to have delicious food motivated us to look for a permanent home. and so we did. we can't wait to have a great time with you all at căntin! 




rathausgasse 57

3011 bern


+41 76 505 68 86

currently closed

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